Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Software: 3 Essential Measurements

Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Software

Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Software is an crucial task! Any effective Instagram marketing strategy is built on Instagram statistics. Data is the basis for all wise marketing decisions, and there is plenty of it to inform you what is and isn’t effective on Instagram as well as provide ideas for novel tactics you might want to attempt.

Where can you find the Instagram analytics data, then, to help you hone your plan? What does it all mean, then? In this piece, we break everything down about Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Software.

What is Instagram analytics?

Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Software
Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Software

You may view important metrics and information about your Instagram performance using the tools called Instagram analytics. This information can be very general (such as the number of times a particular post was seen or liked) or very detailed (such as the time when your account’s followers are most likely to be online).

The only way to create a successful Instagram strategy is to monitor the data you can access through Instagram analytics. Without data tracking, you can only make educated guesses about what will succeed.

You might get lucky and succeed in certain ways based just on your intuition, but you’ll never be able to test, improve, or develop your skills without the support of hard data. Without data, you will never be able to convince your boss, team, customer, or other stakeholders of the worth of your work.

Essential measurements when Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Software

Instagram analytics may offer a wealth of information. So where do you even begin? Here are our top KPIs that Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Softwares should be used to monitor in 2023.

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Tracking stats for Instagram accounts

Engagement rate is the quantity of interactions expressed as a proportion of audience size. This serves as a benchmark for assessing how well your material is connecting with readers and motivating them to take action.

The rate at which you are gaining or losing followers. Nothing else on Instagram has a greater influence on organic reach. For comparison, the typical monthly growth rate for followers is 0.98%.

How many people your website receives from Instagram as referral traffic. If you want to improve your Instagram ROI and link your Instagram activities to off-platform objectives, this is crucial.

The best times to post are: Which posting periods receive the greatest feedback?

audience characteristics This isn’t really a measure, but rather a collection of significant data points that can give you insight into the kinds of content that are most likely to be successful.

Tracking Instagram feed post metrics

  • Post engagement rate: The number of interactions expressed as a proportion of followers or reach. You can conduct this calculation by hand, but a competent Instagram analytics solution will take care of it automatically.
  • Post comment rate: The proportion of comments to viewers or follows. Count comments independently from overall engagements if your objectives involve fostering connections or increasing loyalty, and work to increase that number in particular.
  • Impressions: The total number of times users saw your post. This may show how effectively you’re marketing your profile and content. A number of people who saw your post. Thanks to the Instagram algorithm, the more interesting and engaging your material is, the more people will view it.
  • Instagram Stories engagement metrics for stories: Number of interactions expressed as a proportion of followers or reach.
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How many people actually watch your Story all the way through? People watching your entire Story is a sign that your audience is interested in what you have to say.

Metrics for Instagram Reels 

Metrics for Instagram Reels to monitor Reel shares include the Count of people who shared your reel.

  • Total comments, shares, likes and saves for a video.
  • Drop-off rate: The proportion of viewers who leave before the end.
  • Views vs. TikTok: How many more people view a reel than a corresponding TikTok?

How to view metrics on Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Software

Here’s how to view Instagram analytics information on your phone or PC now that you know what to monitor.

Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Software
Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Software

Using Instagram Insights on a mobile device

Instagram Insights provides basic Instagram analytics for free within the Instagram app if you’re searching for quick information on the go. Although there is no way to convert the data into a report, it provides you with a good overall summary of your Instagram performance.

  • Go to your profile on the Instagram app, tap Professional dashboard, and then launch it.
  • Tap See all next to Account insights.
  • View a list of your content’s followers, engagements, overall reach, and shared content. You can select the timeframe you want to view from the top menu.
  • Tap the right arrow next to the appropriate category to delve deeper into any of these stats.

On a computer

When you want to evaluate your data and progress over time, compare outcomes to your work on other social platforms, or generate a social media report, scrolling through analytics on your phone is perfect for rapid, on-the-go tracking of your Instagram metrics. Here’s how to access your desktop Instagram analytics.

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Instagram use

Although there isn’t a desktop version of the main Instagram Insights tool, you can get some simple post-by-post metrics from your Instagram feed.

A pop-up panel displaying the total likes, saves, direct message shares, comments, profile visits, and reach will appear when you click View insights next to an item in your feed.

You’ll need to move to different solutions if you want additional Instagram analytics online.

FAQs regarding Instagram analytics

Here are some crucial fundamentals about Instagram analytics utilization in case you still have any questions.

How can I access Instagram analytics in 2023?

You require a Business or Creator account to see Instagram analytics. 

What distinguishes Instagram metrics from Instagram analytics?

Metrics are discrete pieces of information, such as the amount of likes received by a certain post or the number of followers you have. Analytics is based on analysis, as the name implies. Analytics is therefore all about recording and evaluating results over time, as opposed to a simple count.

What are the tools for Analyzing Instagram with Social Media Analytics Software?

Without context, managing data is challenging. Apps and tools for Instagram analytics are created to make it easier for you to monitor, comprehend, and utilize Instagram data and results.

Why bother with Instagram analytics?

By all means, feel free to simply fling content on a wall and see what sticks. But you’ll need Instagram analytics if you want to know who your audience is as well as what content resonates with them.