Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software: 5 Things You Shoud Know

Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software

With a character restriction of 280, it’s simple to consider Twitter to be a simple platform. Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software is important. But the truth is that by paying greater attention to Twitter analytics, many businesses find success with their social media marketing strategy.

Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software not only reveals what was effective but also provides you with more knowledge to make your subsequent campaign successful. Because of this, brands are increasingly using social data as a major source of business intelligence to inform marketing choices and offer essential information to the entire company.

Maintaining brand awareness requires knowing how to thoroughly evaluate Twitter data. Data collection reveals the effectiveness of a campaign and future trends to watch.

What Is Data From Twitter?

Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software
Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software

Twitter data is the data gathered by the user, the content of the tweet, the access point, and how users interact with or view your post. Although it may sound a little hazy, this is partly because of the enormous quantity of data that can be gathered from a single Tweet.

You can use this data to learn about demographics, the total number of clicks on your profile, or the number of people that viewed your Tweet. Although this is only the tip of the iceberg, knowing the data can help you understand how it is used and how your material is accessed.

How to Measure Data from Twitter

Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software can be measured in a variety of ways. There are numerous choices to provide you with oversight or in-depth analysis depending on how robust your analytics should be. We’ll discuss the two methods for obtaining and Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software in this article:

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Using Twitter Analytics You can obtain data other than shares, likes, and retweets using Twitter’s built-in analytics tool. Twitter has been enhancing its analytic services for users, marketers, and advertisers over the past few years.

This makes it simpler for companies with limited social media resources who nonetheless require the data for prospective initiatives. Approximately 66% of companies use Twitter for marketing purposes, according to eMarketer. The agency’s data indicates that this figure will only increase over the next years, indicating that Twitter will keep emphasizing analytics.

Currently, Twitter divides your analytics data into five primary categories:

1. Account Home

Users can see a detailed monthly analysis from Twitter to see how well their material is performing. You can view the following data in the home section:

The total amount of Tweets that you have sent.

A total number of times a user has seen your Tweet in their timeline or results from searches, whether they have actually seen it or not.

  • Visits to your profile: The total number of times people have clicked through to your profile via your Tweets or a search.
  • Mentions: The total amount of times other users have used your Twitter handle in their Tweets.
  • Followers: The total number of followers you currently have, as well as the number of new followers you’ve added recently.

These statistics are excellent at displaying traffic, views, and trends. With the gathered Twitter data, you may immediately view monthly trends on your Twitter Analytics dashboard.

2. Tweet Activity

The total number of Tweets, as well as organic impressions (excluding promoted impressions) for a certain day or time period, are displayed in Tweet activity. You can export the information from your Twitter profile to a CSV file through the Tweets section and specify the timeframe.

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Always keep track of and monitor this data in a spreadsheet to better spot patterns and important changes. You may also view all of your Tweets from your profile, along with your top, promoted, and answered Tweets. You may see the particular Twitter information linked to each Tweet after choosing a view. These metrics consist of:

  • Engagement rate
  • Impressions 
  • Engagements

You can find out more information about the different sorts of engagement you received by clicking “View Tweet Activity” on a specific Tweet. Depending on the kind of content you’re posting, stats like replies, Retweets, profile clicks, and others will be visible.

3. Consumer insights

Depending on who your audience is, your Twitter data may alter. You may view audience data for all Twitter users, your followers, and your organic audience with Twitter Analytics. For competition analysis, you can also include a comparative audience.

Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software
Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software

Following your audience selection, you can view items like:

  • Top Interest: The topic that your audience is most likely to find interesting.
  • The dominant tongue spoken by your audience.
  • The audience’s most popular lifestyle category is their top interest type.
  • The most popular wireless provider for your audience is mobile footprint.

The gender of your Twitter followers and the proportion of each audience interest are also provided in the audience insights area. This proportion provides you with a far more detailed understanding of the potential Twitter interests of your audience. Take advantage of this knowledge to determine the kinds of material that will resonate most strongly with your audience.

4. View Twitter Events

Being current in your field demonstrates to your viewers that you are one step ahead of the competition. This implies that you should be aware of significant happenings linked to your sector. You may check a list of the top events that are trending on Twitter in the events section. You can advance by looking at occurrences in:

  • Recurring Trends in Sports Films
  • Always use caution while tweeting about events in your sector that have nothing to do with your audience or brand. DiGiorno tweets at random and reaps the rewards, but your brand might not be as successful.
  • Make use of the information provided here to gain a better understanding of Twitter’s current happenings and quickly build campaigns around particular occasions.
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5. More

Twitter is continually working to enhance its data collection methods, as we discussed before. You can find details on: in the More section.

You may view URL clicks, install attempts, and Retweets from your Twitter Cards in this section. To view changes over time, card kinds, links, influencers, Tweets, and sources related to your Twitter Cards, you may also choose specific date ranges.

Beta videos You may view views, total minutes viewed, completion rates, and retention percentages for your films, whether they are promoted or normal videos. This is crucial for evaluating your social media video production process.

  • App manager: Twitter gives you the option to add other applications to the platform in order to increase user targeting and improve content.
  • Conversion tracking: By linking your website tag to Twitter, you may measure audiences based on how they use your website. Additionally, you may utilize this part to gauge significant occasions that occurred on your website, enabling you to see how campaigns, updates, or site modifications affect Twitter traffic.

Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software and What It Can Teach Your Business

It’s time to apply the data now that you have a better understanding of the types of Twitter information you may obtain through the native platform as well as third-party solutions. 

Your Twitter efforts are further described in other reports including Twitter Keyword, Twitter Competitors, and the Trends Report.

Analyzing Twitter with Social Media Analytics Software may demonstrate a number of things for your company. Data may help you understand your total Twitter output, whether you want to know which material works best or who your main customers are. Executives in marketing don’t want to spend money on something that is difficult to demonstrate will be lucrative.

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