5 Main Social Media Analytics Software Features

5 Main Social Media Analytics Software Features

It’s simple to get lost in the sea of options when contrasting various Social Media Analytics solutions. It might be difficult for beginners to know what Social Media Analytics Software Features. Before purchasing such software, there are many questions that need to be addressed.

Which product gives everything I require? Which product might be adequate right now but insufficient for a future, more thorough analysis? Which features, in your opinion, are vastly undervalued but may be of tremendous service to users?

In order to respond to these inquiries, we considered what our clients value most in social media analytics as well as what our own experience as a service provider has taught us about crucial Social Media Analytics Software Features.

What are Social media analytics?

The practice of gathering and displaying social media data from many sources, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks, is known as social media analytics. It collects all structured data from certain profiles as well as pages and deals with platform-specific KPIs like likes, shares, retweets, and interactions.

Social Media Analytics Software Features

Social Media Analytics Software Features
Social Media Analytics Software Features


There is one thing that may make your life so much simpler: ocial media analytics reporting. Whether it’s a meeting with your superiors to inform them on your recent performance and getting back to the client as an agency, social media analytics reporting can make your life so much easier.

These three instances, though, might call for distinct reports. You’ll probably need extremely detailed statistics when you meet with your team to examine precisely which post, tweet, video, or photo worked effectively, which approach may be the best for your campaign, and who the key influencers in your market are.

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On the other hand, it might be more beneficial to give your manager a larger overview of the overall success of your social media platforms when reporting to him. You should give your client with an update that specifically addresses the points they asked you to emphasize.

The ideal solution for all of this is a complex reporting system that is also simple to use. With the metrics you require, you may make many dashboards in Quintly for these various uses, and you can deliver these as reports. You can save a ton of time with automated or manual reports by choosing a reporting option that provides just the data you require. 

Export the data 

You could wish to include your analytical data in a presentation, send it through email, display it on a TV screen, or include it in a spreadsheet, depending on the situation. The ability to have different formats is crucial for this.

You can choose from a variety of exporting formats quietly: Your dashboard can be shared online as a link or exported as a jpg,  png, pdf, xlsx, CVS, or ppt file. You can share a dashboard that is interactive with whomever you choose by using the live data link.

Benchmarking for competition

Social Media Analytics Software Features
Social Media Analytics Software Features

In order to identify best practices, every process and function inside a corporation is examined using the benchmarking approach in economics. Internally, this might be done for your Customer Success team or when you wish to evaluate and contrast various project phases. However, it is typically done with a number of different businesses from the same industry or even from distinct industries. The exact purpose always determines the scope. A benchmark is what you end up with after using this procedure to identify the ideal practice.

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The most important item to employ if you want to know how well your social media plan is working for you is social media benchmarking. I hear you ask, “Why?” What about measurements for following growth and interaction rates?

You can only learn so much from monitoring your own profile, however. Comparing your own performance to that of an industry rival or a best practice model can be far more illuminating. After that, you can truly delve into the reasons why a different profile and, consequently, a different campaign, is working so much better.

With these insights, you are able to adapt and change your strategy, much as how you might replicate the stride length, running equipment, and training regimen of someone who runs a 5k considerably quicker rather than just trying to improve yourself by taping your own run then trying to make something out that.

By allowing you to compare yourself to your competitors and essentially providing you with instant benchmarks, quintly adapts this concept to social media analytics, making your learnings even more valuable.

Organic and paid reach distribution

Social Media Analytics Software Features:  It’s no secret that many businesses utilize paid advertisements, like Instagram ads, to increase their brand visibility. By doing so, they can outsource some work and contact more potential clients. You still need to know how many leads you created and how many came from your “natural” social media efforts.

For this, it would be wonderful to know which website visitors arrived via an advertisement and which page views and responses were brought on by an organic search.

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Labeling jointly

It can be incredibly wonderful to make the software feel more tailored, especially for agencies. By co-labeling, you can replace the quintly logo in the upper left corner with one from your own business. This also offers your client reports a much more professional appearance.


With these Social Media Analytics Software Features as your traveling companions, we hope you discovered this list to be instructive and are now motivated to explore the maze of social media analytics tools. But watch out for the lions!

Since there is a lot here to process, don’t be afraid to contact our support staff, who are always happy to assist you!